Abstract Submission for 24th Annual Meeting of SPGH

The abstract submission and the registration to attend the 24th annual meeting of SPGH are independent actions. You can submit your abstract before your registration to attend the 24th annual meeting of SPGH.

Abstracts submission: 1st to 28th September

Abstract Acceptance Notification: until 15th October 2020

NOTE: To participate and present your work you must REGISTER in the 24th Annual meeting of SPGH.

All abstracts for the 24th Annual SPGH Meeting must be submitted electronically through the electronic abstract submission system.

The abstracts must be written in English, and should include the following sections: title, author list (e.g., Manuel B. Romeu, Maria C. Duarte), affiliations, abstract text (should be organized into Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion), and if appropriate – References, Acknowledgments, and Declaration of Interests.

Abstract Author’s should ensure that proper grammar and spelling is used as well as that abstracts are well-written, -organized, clear, and understandable.

The abstract title must be in Title Case, font size 14 in Arial style and limited to 400 characters. The remaining abstract sections should be in Arial style with font size 11.
The submission platform automatically adds authors’ indexation and underscores the name of the presenting author according to the data introduced/required in the different fields.

The abstract text submission length is 2200 characters, this includes the Abstract text, References, Acknowledgments, and Declaration of interests.

Each author may be co-author of several abstracts but the presenter of only one work (oral communication or ePoster) in the 24th Annual Meeting of SPGH. The name of the presenting author as well the name of other co-authors included on different abstracts must be written identically in each abstract.

All abstracts will be evaluated through blind peer review by the SPGH scientific committee. Evaluation of abstracts will be based on the following considerations: Originality, Appropriate Methodology used, Quality of scientific results, and relevance of Conclusions.

Selected abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book of the 24th Annual SPGH Meeting and in the scientific journal “Medicine®”.

The presenting author is responsible for notifying all co-authors regarding abstract acceptance or its rejection.

Oral presentations and ePosters will be presented using PowerPoint (Specific Guidelines to prepare these presentations will be sent to First/Presenting Authors).

Abstract Category
  • Basic Research
    Abstracts submitted in the category "Basic research" are generically those describing research that seeks answers to fundamental questions and mechanisms and provides broad insights to many different scientific fields related or not to disease, but mainly unrelated with patient's clinical data analysis. These include studies performed using cell lines, in vitro models, in silico models, in vivo models, pure bioinformatics approaches, theoretical or in silico modeling, population genetics in non-diseased cohorts, forensics, etc.
  • Clinical Research
    Abstracts submitted in the category "Clinical research" are generically those describing medical and health research intended to produce knowledge valuable for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health. "Clinical Research" embraces a continuum of studies involving interactions with patients or results obtained from clinical data, namely diagnostic clinical materials, clinical-trials, case-control studies or other sorts of patients-related data analysis.
  • Clinical Case Reports
    Abstracts submitted in the category "Clinical case reports" are generically those describing and analysing the diagnosis and/or the management of one or two patients/families. It is the first line of evidence in health care and forms the base of the evidence-based pyramid. Some case reports may also contain a literature review of previously reported cases.
Type of presentation abstract submitted as
  • Poster
  • Oral communication
The Scientific commission of SPGH has the final decision about the type of presentation (poster or Oral communication).

Please indicate if you are applying to SPGH awards (additional information on http://spgh.net/regulamento-dos-premios/)

Young Researcher - ESHG National Fellowship award Young Researcher - Prof. Amândio Tavares Best Basic Research Best Clinical Research
Includes ESHG registration, travel grant and hotel accommodation Includes ESHG registration, travel grant and hotel accommodation 500.00€ 500.00€